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Board Members

David R. Webb – President and CEO, Chairman
Carla Elam-Floyd – Second Vice-President
Stephanie Thornton – Secretary

Executive Council

David R. Webb – President and CEO
Stephanie Thornton– Executive Assistant
Carla Elam-Floyd – Chief Human Resource Officer
George Gee – Quality Control Officer
Jannetta Warren –  Deputy Chief of Marketing and Public Relations Officer


Reverend Sam Carter – Education Officer

Keith Harrison – Founder of the funk band Faze-O
Thomas Shelby – Member of the funk band Lakeside
Joey Williams – Dayton City Commissioner
Lawrence Lang – Chief Funk Ambassador
George Gee – Chief Quality Control Officer
Carla Elam Floyd – Chief Human Resource Officer

Advisory Board

The Honorable Gary Leitzman
Lincoln Berry III
Homer Buchanan
William Buckman
Keith Harrison
Tom Long
Wanda Long
Darryl R. Smith
Jannetta Warren
Marry McGlothin Davis

Honorary Board

Eddie Fluellen
Lanise Hughes
Marshall Jones
Billy Nunn

Funk Ambassadors

Lawrence Lang – Dayton, OH
Skip Reeves – Denver, CO
Gloria Barber – Las Vegas, NV
Keith Allen – Tampa Bay, FL
Stephen Shockley – Los Angeles, CA
Fintan Walsh – Limerick, Ireland
Steffen Klausen – Scandinavia
Chuck Henry – Atlanta GA

Web Design & Support

Brad Henry – Columbus, OH
Lawrence Lang, Dayton, OH
David Ciccone – Columbus Ohio

Photo By

Horace Dozier

The Funk Music Hall of Fame & Exhibition Center (TV) commercial.

Random Videos

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President/CEO David R.Webb Sr, gives his vision & mission statement for TheFunkCenter.

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